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Our Women's Brushed Two Tone bracelet is made from surgical grade stainless steel. It has 4-in-1 element technology that emits Negative Ions: Tourmaline, Volcanic Ash, Far Infrared Ray, and 3,000 Gauss Neodymium Magnet. This bracelet is guaranteed to look amazing,comes in different set of tone and may increase your well-being.

Take a look, we believe there is a bracelet for everyone.

Women's Brushed Two Tone

SKU: 0005
  • This product is your body's best defense against environmental damage and developed using the latest in scientific research into the benefits of negative ions. We use a unique manufacturing process that infuses pure, ion-rich volcanic ash into medical-grade stainless steel for protection that is stylish and safe to wear.

    • This product is resizeable and may include a resizing tool if required.
    • This bracelets is a medical grade stainless steel, gold plated with rodium coating.
    • Cleaning care is very easy as just your regular jewlery cleaner should be fine.
    • Hospital burn victims have been treated successfully with negative ions.

    • People living near natural water falls, a highly concentrated negative ion environment, live healthier and longer lives.

    • Asthma and allergies are alleviated even cured in atmospheres rich in negative ions.

    • Athletes have progressed more rapidly when training in environments high in negative ion.

    • Negative ion generators have helped car drivers to stay more alert, feel less fatigued and have better reflexes.

    • Women menstrual cycles are more regular and sexual capacities are enhanced in a negative ion atmosphere.

    • Airborne bacteria and viruses are destroyed by negative ions.

  • M 8.5"
    S 8"
    XS 7.5"
    XXS 7"


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